Nubian Beauty Eyelashes - Nefertiti


    Achieving volume and length has never been so easy thanks to Nerfetiti. The Nerfetiti 3D Silk Lash is ideal for adding glam to your favorite look. This multi-tiered, tapered lash style gives lots of volume for the flirtiest of eyes but is not over the top dramatic.

    ·        3D Silk 

    ·        Strip Lash

    ·        Comfortable to wear

    ·        Reusable (Suggested use 15-20 wears)

    ·        Easy to apply

    ·        Light-weight


    *Lash glue not included.*


      Handle Gently – Remove lashes from tray with a tweezer & Trim the Lashes to fit your eye

      Trim & Glue – Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band and wait a few seconds

      Bond & Hold – Press Lashes close to the natural Lash Line and hold for a few seconds