Nubian Beauty Eyelashes - Diana


    Like the Roman Goddess Diana, whose name means “heavenly divine”, this divinely gorgeous lash is made for the queen that you are, these super gorgeous flirty lashes are sure to make you light up the room. The Diana 3D Silk lashes unique design uses multiple clusters to deliver a flirty finish. With enviable length and an evenly distributed volume, the silk hairs give you the illusion of natural full lashes.

    ·        3D Silk 

    ·        Strip Lash

    ·        Comfortable to wear

    ·        Reusable (Suggested use 15-20 wears)

    ·        Easy to apply

    ·        Light-weight


    *Lash glue not included.*


      Handle Gently – Remove lashes from tray with a tweezer & Trim the Lashes to fit your eye

      Trim & Glue – Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band and wait a few seconds

      Bond & Hold – Press Lashes close to the natural Lash Line and hold for a few seconds